Departure : Discharge

Departure : Discharge

Discharge Plan
Patient assessments and the written discharge orders shall be made by physicians before discharge in order to ensure the safety and readiness of patients for the discharge.

If the patients are to travel by air after discharge, please ensure you have followed the to-do list below:

  • Ask your doctor to certify a “Fit for Travel Medical Certificate” which includes the list of medications you are going to be carrying. The “Fit for Travel Medical Certificate” is valid for 7 days from the date of issue.
  • Ask your physician for your summary reports, lab tests and x-ray results
  • Ensure that you have a contact data to your clinic, your transport provider, your patient assistant
  • Inform your physician and your nurse where your destination is
  • Ensure that someone will pick you up from the airport destination

Discharge Time
The discharge time is 11.00am
In case of over stay, the additional expenses will be charged as follows:

  • Discharge within 6:00 pm, room and service will be charged half day but food service will be charged at actual cost.
  • Discharge after 6:00 pm, room, service and food will be charged the full day.
  • In case of room transfer to the ICU, additional expenses will be charged at actual cost.

Note: Against Medical Advice
Patients who refuse one or more types of diagnostic and treatment both as inpatient and outpatient; Patients have to follow the hospital policy by signing “Consent: Against Medical Advice”


Arrival : Pre-Arrival

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